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Twenty Fourteen

focaccia sandwich_18012014

Happy 2014! How time passes! I can hardly believe my last post was back in September 2012. It is pretty sad and disappointing how i have neglected this so called “creative outlet” of mine due to the busy schedule, despite all of the time and effort i spent in creating it two years ago. My friends have been such a sport to remind and urge me to get back working on something i have always been so passionate about. I thank them for that. Big time.

This photo was taken back in early 2010 where the magic started. I want to create more of that magic, starting from now on.

I realised this magic makes me happy.

Josephine - Hi Fiona,

great photography! its a pity u aren’t showcasing more of your photos!! continue to snap :)

i really enjoy reading your post and looking at your photography!

will be looking forward to seeing more photos:)

S e a r c h